A lint-free wiper designed for use in class 1 to 1000+ cleanrooms. We offer high quality dry wipes composed of various lint-free fibres such as: polyester, polyester with nylon (microfiber) and polyester with cellulose (non-woven).

Supplier of clean room wipes is Korean company PURITECH, whom we represent and of whom we remain the sole distributor on the markets in the Central and Eastern Europe.


Microfiber wiper is composed of the top quality thin synthetic polyester and nylon fibres. Thanks to the unique construction, the knit wipes offer a very low particulate level both when dry and moistened, remaining neutral to the quality of production process in Cleanroom.



Polyester wipes have a wide range of applications. They are composed of 100% continuous polyester knit fibres. They are low-lint wipes dry and moistened, with good absorbency and liquid retention.



The non-woven wiper is composed of the top clean cellulose pulp and polyester. It offers a low particle level and high liquid absorbency, which influences its high-performance level required for cleanroom wipers.