RIMTEQ company was established in 2012. Since the beginning, RIMTEQ has been specializing in providing services and consumables for customers with cleanrooms.

Our main activity used to be the maintenance of machines for LCD display manufacturing and machines for display repair as well as provision of training services for operators and engineers.

In the meantime, we realised that the market lacked such consumables as good quality lint-free polyester and microfiber wipes. Therefore, we started to work with one of the leading manufacturers of such products – PURITECH, the Korean company, whom we represent and of whom we remain the sole distributor on the markets in the Central and Eastern Europe. During our several years of cooperation, we have gained many customers, mainly thanks to our professional approach, product quality, price and well-stocked warehouse in Torun, Poland.

Thanks to our well-established procedures, ordered goods are shipped out upon order submission or not later that within 24h from order submission.

WIPETEQ brand has been designed for customers who do not need lint-free cleanroom wipers in their production process or for any other applications. We offer various composition non-woven wipers that can be used in almost all industries. A separate group of products are polyester and microfiber wipes which are manufactured according to our suggestions and which are useful in polygraphy.

WIPETEQ series wipers are supplied by approved and reliable manufactures from Europe, the USA and Asia.

If you are looking for a high quality wiper at a reasonable price, contact us. We will help you choose the product you need.