Project Description


WipeTeq Special is composed of 100% polypropylene. It is solvent resistant, strong and lint free, and thus has many applications. It removes heavy contaminants and at the same time it is detergent resistant and can be rinsed. Thanks to the lint-free property of the wiper, it has applications in automotive, painting and polygraphy industries.

  • Pharmaceutical companies,
  • Health care industry,
  • Electronics industry,
  • Paint shops and polygraphy.
  • 100% PP, solvent resistant,
  • Removes heavy contaminants,
  • Can be rinsed and reused,
  • Lint-free and thus applicable in industrial painting and polygraphy.
Composition Basis weight Absorption Structure
100% PP 70 g/m2 550 %  


  • Very strong and durable fibre dry and moistened,
  • Perfect removal of contaminants,
  • Lint-free, no foreign particles left,
  • Soft hand, no scratches the surface left,
  • High absorbency level,
  • Can be used with solvents.
Product code Sheet size [L x W] Product type Number of sheets
WT-SP100S 32 x 38 cm Sheet 100
WT-SP100R 32 x 37 cm Roll 100
WT-SP300R 32 x 37 cm Roll 300
WT-SP500R 32 x 37 cm Roll 500

Other information:

  • The sheet size (length and width) and packaging can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • Rolls are shipped in standard boxes containing:
  • 1 roll,
  • 2 rolls,
  • 4 rolls,
  • 6 rolls,
  • 8 rolls,
  • 12 rolls,