Project Description


WipeTeq Mecha+ is a combination of cellulose and polyester. It is a product of water needling process. The non-woven used for WipeTeq Mecha+ is very strong and resistant to mechanical damage and solvents. It has excellent water, oil and solvent absorbency properties. It is perfect for workplaces where special attention is paid to economy and optimal utilisation of consumables.

  • Cleaning production lines, work stations and tools,
  • Electronics industry,
  • Heavy industry, light industry,
  • Paint shops, print shops,
  • Automotive industry,
  • Aviation industry.
  • Properly selected and composed synthetic fibre for applications in areas with the highest cleanliness control requirements,
  • No scratches on the surface left,
  • The structure allows to keep all technological process areas clean,
  • Approved by the Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (PZH certificate).
Composition Basis weight Thickness Structure (top) Structure (bottom)
55% WP + 45% PES 60 g/m2 0,28 mm


  • Resistant to mechanical damage,
  • Very strong both dry and moistened,
  • High absorbency level,
  • Perfect removal of contaminants,
  • Low lint,
  • Soft hand, no scratches on the surface left,
  • Can be used with solvents.
Product code Sheet size [L x W] Product type Number of sheets
WT-MCH+200S 29 x 38 cm Sheet 200
WT-MCH+100R 29 x 37 cm Roll 100
WT-MCH+300R 29 x 37 cm Roll 300
WT-MCH+500R 29 x 37 cm Roll 500

Other information:

  • The sheet size (length and width) and packaging can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • Rolls are shipped in standard boxes containing:
  • 1 roll,
  • 2 rolls,
  • 4 rolls,
  • 6 rolls,
  • 8 rolls,
  • 12 rolls,