Project Description


WipeTeq Maxi is a combination of cellulose and polyester. It makes it perfect for applications in areas with  high hygiene production and work level requirements. Smooth structure of the WipeTeq Maxi surface allows for a quick and precise collection and removal of liquid contaminants.

  • Electronics industry,
  • Light and heavy industry,
  • Polygraphy and print shops,
  • Automotive industry.
  • Removes heavy contaminants,
  • Can be rinsed and reused,
  • Lint-free and thus applicable in industrial painting and polygraphy,
  • Approved by the Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (PZH certificate).
Composition Basis weight Thickness Structure
45% PES + 55% WP 68 g/m2 0,34 mm
  • Very strong and durable fibre dry and moistened,
  • Very good at removing contaminants,
  • High absorbency,
  • Lint-free, no foreign particles left,
  • Soft hand, no scratches on the surface left,
  • Works well with solvents.
Product code Sheet size [D x S] Product type Number of sheets
WT-MX150S 29 x 38 cm Sheet 150
WT-MX100R 29 x 37 cm Roll 100
WT-MX300R 29 x 37 cm Roll 300

Other information:

  • The sheet size (length and width) and packaging can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • Rolls are shipped in standard boxes containing:
  • 1 roll,
  • 2 rolls,
  • 4 rolls,
  • 6 rolls,
  • 8 rolls,
  • 12 rolls,