Project Description


WipeTeq Grind is an industrial wiper composed of 100% polypropylene. The structure and abrasive surface have been designed for removing heavy contaminants from surfaces, heavily soiled hands or workshop tools. Wipeteq Grind is a durable wiper which do not leave fibres on surfaces.

  • Heavy industry,
  • Automotive industry, workshops,
  • Professional cleaning services,
  • Paint shops and polygraphy,
  • Households and office premises.
  • Used for washing heavily soiled hands, cleaning workshop tools and work stations,
  • Packed in dispensers (buckets) and thus easy to use and useful in almost all industrial areas,
  • Can be used with detergents.
Composition Basis weight Absorption Structure
Structure (bottom)
100% PP 49 g/m2 750%


  • 100% polypropylene,
  • Extremely durable surface designed for cleaning heavy contaminants,
  • Durable material which does not leave fibres,
  • Silicon free and chemical bonding argent free,
  • Solvent resistant.
Product code Sheet size [L x W] Product type Number of sheets
WT-GR100R 26 x 24 cm Roll 100

Other information:

  • The sheet size (length and width) and packaging can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • Rolls are shipped in standard boxes containing:
  • 1 roll,
  • 2 rolls,
  • 4 rolls,
  • 6 rolls,
  • 8 rolls,
  • 12 rolls,